The SoloSpect™ web based family of solutions generates Strategies2Sell™, Strategies2Market™ and Strategies2Service™, by providing a fully integrated view of critical business information about customers, suppliers and vendors, in a format never before available, a unique single view. This single view approach enables your business to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer data, and provides actionable information at each decision point, in context with the customer, their specific needs, and your product and services.

With this ability to "see the big picture," businesses can respond to dynamically changing market forces, whether that™s changing customer needs, supply issues, competitive pressures or something completely unexpected. With SoloSpect™, businesses can unlock the full potential of their data thus complementing the integrity and performance of mission critical operational systems.

Rule based ...

The SoloSpect™ family of solutions delivers the high quality information required to improve customer relationships, increase revenue and enhance service delivery. By providing a single customer view, sales departments have the ability to more effectively increase revenue by cross-selling and up-selling their most profitable customers. SoloSpect™ also reduces customer defection by alerting sales with specific actions to take when any customers buying habits have changed.

With the SoloSpect™ family of solutions marketing departments have the ability to allocate marketing funds based on customer revenue and profit. The business intelligence necessary for research and planning of effective marketing campaigns is provided by SoloSpect™s single point of view of customers, suppliers and vendors.

The SoloSpect™ family of solutions provides service departments ...

SoloSpect™ is accessible from anywhere at anytime, when you need it, on demand.

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