Why SoloSpect™?

Source: IBM®
Because most companies' data has evolved into multiple distributed databases across the enterprise, most software applications within the enterprise use their own versions of corporate data, leading to misaligned and inconsistent information.

How bad is the problem? Small companies may have several databases that are distributed across many departments within the organization. Medium size companies may have dozens of databases spreading across many departments and divisions across multiple office locations. Larger companies may have hundreds of databases spread across departments, divisions, business units and even countries.

Companies now realize the need to reintegrate business processes that have fragmented into dozens of disparate and largely unconnected workgroups, departments, divisions and business units, each with its own strategies, tactics, policies, processes, procedures, systems, applications and data. Getting a single consolidated customer view across these various data sources, allows companies to improve business processes, thus improving business performance.

The SoloSpect™ family of solutions helps businesses avoid these problems by consolidating disparate enterprise data sources into a single real-time view.

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