ODS assists retailers that are looking to differentiate themselves and to profitably grow their customer base and revenue by executing customer-centric strategies. We helps businesses in understanding customer needs and buying habits, improving customer retention and satisfaction and improving the ability to quickly respond to economic changes which reduces margin pressures due to reliance on promotions and sales.

Giving the customer what they demand!
The retail industry is moving from a "product-push" to a "consumer-pull" business model. Understanding the customer is the first requirement of this new focus. The foundation data and analytics solutions from ODS can help you successfully transform the shopping experience to motivate customers, build loyalty and increase sales.

The ODS solutions help you:

  • Gather information - collect customer information from various touchpoints in near real-time.
  • Segment - break customers into groups of similar profiles or requirements.
  • Analyze information - access actionable information on the floor and at each point-of-sale.

Having this information can help you more effectively market to your customers.

For instance, you may find that:

  • Your customers are driven by price or promotions and are not loyal to any particular store. In this case, the best marketing approach may be newspaper placements, advertising sales or promotions.
  • Your customers expect personal service and are loyal to the store that delivers the kind of service and quality they demand. This customer will shop at a store that "knows" them. Having sales people that are merchandise experts, and can build a personal relationship with the shopper, may be the best way to get that customer to spend more and keep coming back.

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