Company Overview
On Demand Strategies, Inc. is a provider of real-time data integration software solutions and consulting services. For over 10 years, ODS has focused exclusively on helping companies become more productive and efficient using their existing data as an asset, creating actionable information to make more informed business decisions.
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The SoloSpect™ web based family of solutions generates Strategies2Sell™, Strategies2Market™ and Strategies2Service™, by providing a fully integrated view of critical business information about customers, suppliers and vendors, in a format never before available, a unique single view. This single view approach enables your business to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer data, and provides actionable information at each decision point, in context with the customer, their specific needs, and your product and services.
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ODS Consulting Services
ODS Consulting Services division provides high quality data integration services for IBM's Information Server flagship product DataStage®.
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